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Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Apart from keeping yourself physically healthy, it is also important to be more mindful of your mental wellbeing, especially during times of great uncertainties. To help you out, we've collated some simple mental health tips that you can easily add to your daily routine.

Why We Need To Practice Gratitude Every Day

“Happiness can only exist in acceptance” – by George Orwell Too often, we are our worst critics. The road to being our best selves is often paved with a lot of insecurities, comparing ourselves with other people and in effect, putting ourselves down especially when we feel like we’ve encountered a roadblock. But if we take a moment to reexamine our journey, we’ll find that there are so many things to be grateful for every day. So let’s stop for a bit and remind ourselves of a few things we might overlook in the daily hustle: We have more than...

7 Apps For A More Productive You

Taking control of our day, being healthier and more productive can get a bit tricky, especially with the different kinds of distractions popping up on our phones. We’ve all been there—losing so much time scrolling through timelines or playing round after round of a game that by the time we look up from our phones, the day has already gone. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these 7 apps to boost your productivity. Grateful Your day can easily turn for the better if you make it your daily habit to practice gratitude. After all, there’s always something to...

Chee Ling Pua: On Finding Your Life’s Mission

“That job [in the educational institution] led me to finding my love to work with students. And it is 13 years later in the industry, when I finally found something that I want to champion and work on.” Interview with Chi / Photo by Kolejdika It’s no secret: we are at our best when we work towards our life’s mission. But sometimes, it can take a while before we find out what it really is. But don’t let it stop you. Because it certainly hasn’t stopped Chee Ling Pua. As a child, Pua wasn’t the type to revel in leadership...


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