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Taking Care of Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Apart from keeping yourself physically healthy, it is also important to be more mindful of your mental wellbeing, especially during times of great uncertainties. To help you out, we've collated some simple mental health tips that you can easily add to your daily routine.

Stay Connected

Being isolated is one of the biggest contributor to sadness. But since keeping a safe distance is literally a matter of life and death right now, we suggest to turn to technology. Keep the virtual conversations on-going with your favorite people to remind yourself that you are not alone. Though it's not similar to the warm, physical interactions that you're craving for, it will suffice to keep your spirits high. Try scheduling weekly virtual hangouts with your friends or checking in on your family.

Be Mindful

Now more than ever, it is easy to be lost in the chaos of things. We might be tempted to fill our lives with distractions or cocoon ourselves from everything that's going on. These are both natural responses to change, but when left unchecked, it might cause more harm than good. So for every action you take, spend a few seconds to think about your intent. By doing this, you give a sense of purpose to everything you do and you avoid being trapped in an aimless loop of action. To accustom yourself further to this purpose-driven living, you may also try scheduling a few minutes of quiet time to reflect and appreciate each day. 

Set Boundaries

Don't let work and worries overwhelm you. There's a fine line between keeping yourself informed and drowning in information. To make this line more evident, set a time to log-off from all your stressors. If you're worried about missing anything important, set notifications from your trusted news site and tell the important people in your life to directly contact your phone for urgent matters.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Your body and mind is one being, so taking care of one part will help make the other better. Give your body enough sleep, healthy food, and regular exercise. Though the effect won't be obvious right away, doing these healthy habits consistently will help you achieve a better mental state.

All these suggestions are not mandatory, everyone copes differently. So our last reminder is to simply be kind to yourself.

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