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Inspiring & empowering women to achieve their perfect
state every day.

Perfectly Tea blends are crafted to help women focus better, stay
youthful, and live healthier.

for Women,
by Women

With the unwavering commitment to empowering women all over the world, Cindy Lee, Oflavia Veranez and Vivienne Piong set out to create Perfectly Tea.

Knowing the great health benefits of tea, these three women aim to boost and uplift every woman, every day—whether it’s by helping them become more alert at work, or sleep better at night—Perfectly Tea inspires women to become the best versions of themselves.

Our Philosophy

“Beauty radiates from within. Nurture your physical, mental and spiritual well being.”

– Perfectly Tea Team

Our Story

Our founders believe that success is best achieved with a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Inspiration struck as Vivienne was trying to sustain healthy living while growing her design company. Eating healthy and regularly working out became difficult with her longer hours, so she turned to performance blends for help. Though these blends were effective enough, they weren’t enjoyable to consume. They felt more of a chore to take rather than a delightful ritual she can look forward to every day. Additionally, most of these performance drinks available were designed for men, so she couldn’t exactly find products that catered to her specific needs. That’s when she decided to just create her own performance blend especially crafted for women.

The perfectly blended team

Just like their tea blends, it takes more than just one ingredient to get the best balance. Through the right set of circumstances, entrepreneurial drive, and their shared love for tea, Vivienne Piong, Oflavia Veranez, and Cindy Lee teamed up to create Perfectly Tea. With a balance of their varied talents in strategy, design, and sales, they were able to produce unique tea blends that use nutrient rich ingredients, taste delightful, and satisfy women’s specific needs. With Perfectly Tea, our founders hope to give women a wellness ritual that they will enjoy every day.

Turning inspiration
into action

Our Commitment to Values

It takes a whole community of people to make that perfect cup of tea. We partner with suppliers who also believe that “doing it right” means more than just creating tea – it’s sourcing the best ingredients with you and the planet in mind.

Together, we empower

Every time you sip a cup of Perfectly Tea, you empower yourself to go for your dreams, and you also help empower women across the globe — as a portion of our sales go to non-profit organisations for women’s welfare.