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Perfectly Tea Ambassadors

Get 15% commission for every successful referral!

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Be a Perfectly Tea Ambassador

Be one of our Perfectly Tea Ambassadors to help women like you discover our naturally flavorful performance tea blends! You don’t have to spend anything to join, just share your experience and earn from commissions.


15% commission for every referral purchase.


Be the first to get our latest tea blends and gift packs!


Experience hassle-free arrangements & payments.

What is the Program

What does a Perfectly Tea Ambassador Do?

If self care is one of your priorities, then you will enjoy being an Ambassador for Perfectly Tea!

By regularly posting your Perfectly Tea experience and linking our products in your website, blog, channel, or any other social media account you give your viewers an exclusive discount while you earn commissions from every sale.

We will take care of all the orders and shipping. All you have to do is spread the word about Perfectly Tea and enjoy all our ambassador benefits!

How to Join

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Register by answering our ambassador form


Feature any Perfectly Tea product in your influential account pages.


Get 15% from any sale that was redirected from your posts.


Being a Perfectly Tea Ambassador

We will empower, together! With our naturally flavorful tea blends and your influence we’ll help more women perform better, think faster, and live happier.

Perfectly Tea aims to boost and uplift women by providing enjoyable performance tea blends that they can add to their daily self care rituals.

Join our Ambassador program, and let’s inspire women to achieve their perfect state every day!